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He is most notably known for revolutionizing the quarterback position.

His natural athletic ability and speed allowed him to utilize rushing and running more than actual passing.

Michael Vick did a lot of good for the sport of American Football.

His career has spanned four decades and has taken him all over the world. Not after those videos of tortured dogs surfaced, not after he served 18 months in prison, not even after he vowed he was a changed man and the Eagles signed him to back up Donovan Mc Nabb in August 2009 - a move that turned the Eagles practice facility into a fortress as animal rights advocates surrounded its perimeter.

It made him one of the most prolific players during his era as well as one of the most popular and most paid.

Michael Vick started his NFL career by being the number 1 pick in the 2000 NFL draft.

He was chosen by the Atlanta Falcons, where he played for the next seven seasons. He was convicted of running an illegal dog fighting ring, to which he pleaded guilty and was incarcerated for 21 months for in a federal prison.

After service his sentences he was subsequently released by the Falcons, but ended up signing for the Philadelphia Eagles.


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