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She backs up in preparation for a sprint, shaking her arms to rid them from the numbness of burpees. She runs, jumps, and doesn’t even reach the top of the wall with outstretched hands.Before she realizes what’s happening two men in black and red jerseys appear at her sides, they boost her up and over the wall where a woman in the same jersey helps her to the other side and hands her a bracelet: “CORN FED SPARTANS, if you want to know run with us.” The Corn Fed Spartans exploded onto the OCR scene in 2012 at the Indiana Spartan Sprint.The matter grew personal quickly as AFH is close to the hearts of many team members whose own children suffer from cancer.When the donation total was announced, there was an immediate reaction from members of the team claiming massive discrepancies in the registrations and donation.Covered in mud, a woman faces the 8-foot wall in front of her.Towering two feet, seven inches above her head, it seems more like a skyscraper.Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena remembers them bothering him endlessly until he brought his race to their home turf. They drove everybody in the organization crazy until we said yes.” The Corn Fed Spartans started out as the brainchild of Jonathan Nolan and Nathan Devears to bring the Spartan Race to Indiana.

“They really pulled me out of a dark place.” Corn Fed was a haven for people who didn’t feel they belonged in the running world.Despite this solid income, invoices remained unpaid for weeks or months. Mc Cormack said the role of the sales committee wasn’t to pay the invoices, just to organize the gear on the CFS store. All we did was see them and we had to tell the powers that be.” So, where is all the money going?When Terry Mc Cormack, another former team and sales committee member left the team, there was a past due invoice over 60 days old for over ,000. For Mc Cormack, the answer is in the lack of communication from Nolan. I can’t speculate as to where it is.” Explosive discussions erupted when jersey orders began to take over 6 months to be delivered. “When the whole thing happened initially and we were promised the order had been placed along with two others, Akuma verified that only one order had been placed for 28 jerseys and the other 127 jerseys were never sent to them.” According to Akuma and other teams who use Akuma, orders should only take approximately 3 weeks to ship and arrive.People felt the answers that were provided were not satisfactory and lacking transparency and that AFH was cheated out of the donation they were promised.Andè Wegner, CFS board member, claimed the discrepancies in registration and finances were due only to disorganization. Money was brought into the spotlight and from there, more issues quickly came to the team’s attention.Nicole Winget, former team and board member explained, “Who you run with is far more then a jersey – it is a family…” “Not only did we do races together, but we lived our lives together.


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