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Fans speculated that they were on the rocks when Stenhouse Jr.attended the NASCAR Cup Series awards ceremony on November 30 solo.A spokeswoman for Patrick confirmed on Monday that the athletes are “no longer in a relationship.” Neither Patrick, 35, nor Stenhouse Jr., 30, have publicly commented on the split. made the NASCAR playoffs for the first time in 2017 and is expected to race for Roush Fenway Racing next season, ESPN reports.Breakup rumors began circulating after Stenhouse Jr.“I found a dealership, and they had this brand-new black Pontiac Firebird,” she says. The Trans Am was the next step up, but this car was the entry.I went in and I drove a few, and I really liked the Firebird.

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“I’ve realized that it’s really good in the snow; it feels safe,” she says.

“It had the T top, so of course I loved taking those off, and I thought I was so cool, just going down the crazy freeways there with the tops off,” she says.

“I remember learning about having a black car and how dirty it gets, especially when you drive to a race track where dirt bikes are.

, Patrick opened up about her relationship with Stenhouse Jr.

and even expressed her desire to get married and have kids. And we don’t argue.” “I have always had people say, ‘You’ll make a great mom someday,’” she continued.


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