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But, being the landlubber I am, I was adamant to get out into those blustery waters – whether I plunged overboard or not.Eventually, after a mix of laughter and trepidation, we abandoned our boat trip around the Grand Harbour – the Gods simply weren't on our side that day.

I was surrounded by multicoloured stalls offering fresh, Maltese produce in every colour of the rainbow.

A mere third of the size of Malta, this small green island is so charming, it's little surprise Gozo means 'joy'.

The island is a patchwork of flourishing farms, and blonde coloured houses.

These two neolithic temples date back 5,500 years ago – older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Constructed at a time when no metal tools were available to the Maltese and the wheel had not yet been invented, the building of these temples must have been quite the conquest.


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