Is amanda knox still dating raffaele

The question of who killed Meredith Kercher, a British student living in Perugia, Italy, in 2007, was seemingly answered, if not right away, then in due time.American student Amanda Knox, one of Kercher's roommates, was convicted of the murder—as were the Italian man Knox had been dating at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede, a man originally from Ivory Coast who Kercher had met at their neighbors' place downstairs.

Instead, Knox apparently went back to Sollecito's place and casually told him about what she observed.

In June 2015, Knox was charged in absentia of slandering the Italian police.

On the flip side, the European Court of Human Rights this past May agreed to investigate Knox's claims that her human rights were violated during the course of the investigation into Kercher's murder.

So many things to this day that still don't make sense. The devious American girl and her Italian boyfriend smoked pot—and had sex! And yet the Court of Cassation, which in itself sounds ripped from a page penned by J. Rowling, would rule eight years after the murder that Knox and Sollecito's guilt or innocence probably could have been definitively determined in 2007 if the authorities' investigation hadn't been so inept.

That could be because, from the beginning, the circus far outshone the evidence as far as the investigation went. No one deserves that." ( that the Kerchers didn't want to talk to them for the film, making it "clear that every time they have to talk about this it's reexamining this wound.")For a year leading up to their trial, everything reported on Knox and Sollecito carried a tinge of the salacious. Not a turn of events that would satisfy anyone looking for definitive answers."The international spotlight on the case in fact resulted in the investigation undergoing a sudden acceleration," the judges also concluded.


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