Graveyard shift dating dating rpg game

Also, in this area sometimes a Toddler on a tricycle is spotted.

Many have spotted various, strange apparitions in the woods and fields along the road. Her father later dug up her body thinking that she had become a vampire.

You can feel a cold breeze and presence before you are able to see him.

Many students as well as faculty members have claimed to have sighted him.

In the building Mc Vickar it is said the old headmaster haunts it supposedly.

People have also claimed to hear the sound of a child crying.Also have the heavy stage 'blacks' blowing in the wind when there is no wind. Later en route to the candy machine on the ground floor, she passed the smiling, humming woman.The nurse commented to an aide that she wished that she was as "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed" as the lady downstairs. Staff, patients seeing shadows, hearing noises, reports of being touch and slapped when no one is around.A third apparition is of a child has been seen running in the swamp area and along some of the back trails.Various numbers of Ghosts have been reported on this Road.The park closes at dark and is patrolled so you can't be in there late.


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