Girl wants to be friends after dating

The thing is, this reaction was most strongly fueled by pride and dignity (rooted in insecurity, perhaps? I realize that this rationalization of mine is probably quite misplaced, since the chick had been into me and does consider me attractive.Still, for some reason this fact doesn’t make me feel any less humiliated, and I still feel as if she to Friend Zone me. I’m in the middle of developing something really awesome, something that’s going to take both Paging Dr. Not going to give too much away yet but there’re some very cool new things that a lot of you have been asking for.Of course, I’m a one-man show at the moment and there’re only so many hours in the day, so the columns on the blog are going to change a bit.Alas, she said she no longer wanted to do stuff with me.Of course she threw in the classic line about wanting to still be friends and meet up and spend time platonically.I’m not even sure whether to believe her or she’s just sayin that stuff to not have to tell me she’s not attracted to me anymore (if she ever was). She also gave me those classic, humiliating lines like “i really value our friendship, you’re a great human being but I guess that’s it” – and that was my cue to leave.

She said she’s not looking for anyone at the moment, that she’s growing jaded and has been through too much.But it’s the principle that I’m more concerned about. Pride Only Hurts, Never Helps First of all PJHNH, I think you kind of missed the point of my column on so-called “cutoff culture”.Is this sort of pride normal, or is it some artifact of a deep insecurity? It’s not about “you don’t have the right to expect anyone to talk to you ever again after a break up”, it’s about the demands that many people put on the person who’s breaking up with them.She gave me several reasons, like us not seeing each other often enough (never spoke up about it earlier, I swear!), and me seeing other girls – to which she only made her dismay apparent very shortly before the “breakup”.I just take it as a personal affront if a girl doesn’t find me attractive.


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